Photos of our Passengers - Before & After!

I am often asked about where I send the Freedom Train furkids, and what process is involved. I love reassuring everyone that these furkids are going to receivers who have been thoroughly screened and approved. I spend alot of time getting to know the people who I am going to be sending animals to, and always keep the well-being of each animal as top priority. Each animal that I pull from the shelter becomes mine in a way, and I want to make sure they are going to the best situation possible. For all of you wonderful transporters who help get these precious animals to their place of freedom and new lives, this is for you!

Daffodil, just wanted a home... Photobucket


Terry used to run around with the neighbor threatening to shoot him! Photobucket

Now he is loved by his new family and brother! Photobucket

Whittley in the shelter, shy and a bit scared... Photobucket

Whittley, now Ginger, with her new bubber!! Photobucket

Winston and his siblings, known as the Sammettes, were born to Sammy, who was taken into foster care to give birth! Photobucket

Look at Winston now!!Photobucket

Wubsy was another of the Sammettes...Photobucket

Look at Wubsy now!!Photobucket

And Mama Sammy found lots of love too!!Photobucket

Yabba, a beautiful sweet shepherd girl, went up to Maine from death row!


Yabba now enjoys her new life and siblings!Photobucket

Yen was sitting in a high kill shelter..Photobucket

But now he's sitting pretty in his new home!! Photobucket

Yukon in the shelter..Photobucket Photobucket

And enjoying his new toy!!

Magnolia (right) and Fiona literally escaped death, when they slipped through the crack on their scheduled euth date!!Photobucket

Dorothy and I drove these beautiful girls up to Pets Alive in NY, where they were both adopted to wonderful homes!! Here is Magnolia in her new home, where she is adored!! Photobucket


Roddy Stewart was heartworm positive and soooo matted!!

Thanks to the help of Marsha and Joan, Roddy (now Rudy) has a wonderful new family!Photobucket

Some awesome rescuers rescued Anita (now MiaBella) from her chain!


I think she prefers her new life over the chain!!!Photobucket

This sweet little boy Chet was growing up in the shelter!Photobucket

Dorothy and I drove him up to Pets Alive, and now his new mommy can't stop hugging him!! Chet to PA

I felt so bad for little Copper (here on the Freedom Train) because she was sad and both eyes needed surgeryPhotobucket


Thank God for Joan, who took care of her eyes and her sadness!! THANK YOU JOAN!!!

Ellie was so sad in the shelter..Photobucket

Ellie to Julie

She needed a little sister to make her happy!!


Emily in a high kill shelter

She looks better in her new home with treats and a new brother!Photobucket


Iggy got a lift from the ARF pilots...

And one pilot decided Iggy had to be his forever!Photobucket


Jimmy had little hope with heartworms

So he was given treatment and a new forever home!Photobucket


Its amazing how a sad face like Panda's..

Can turn to this just because of a little love!Photobucket