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My Sweet Little Man, Charlie, Moomoolippie
The Reason I Do Rescue

I will never forget the first time I saw you, little man. I had lost Sam 6 months earlier, and finally felt strong enough to open my heart again to another sweet one. I had called the shelter to inquire about another cocker, and they told me about you. They said that you had been wandering the streets and was all matted, so they had to cut knots out of your fur, and that if I waited until Monday they would have you groomed. I told them that you was not to spend another night there, and that I would be right over to pick you up. I will never forget what I saw. This happy, quirky, clumsy 4 year old, with gapped fur, who came pulling his way out towards me. I swear, it was love at first sight, little man. I never thought that I could ever love that much, and be loved even more in return. Just walking through my door each day to your waggy nub gave me more happiness than I could ever measure or deserve, and I was blessed with that happiness for ten wonderful years. It was you, Charlie, who ignited my fire for animal rescue. It was you who made me want to do more and strive harder. Each time I pull a shelter baby, I see you looking at me through them, and I know that you are pleased. So until the day when I meet you at the Bridge, know that I am saving them for you sweet boy. Mama loves you moomoolippie, now more than ever.

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